Glenn Wallace

Discover the story of the Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) dynamic role in reshaping its home city of Savannah. Glenn Wallace illuminates the university’s rise as the world’s preeminent art and design university.
Sponsored by SCAD.

Love It or Hate It

Join Chairish co-founder Anna Brockway as she leads a lively group of top interior designers in the panel game Love It or Hate It. This spirited and irreverent event gives a spontaneous yay or nay on top design trends: sunburst mirrors, banana leaf wallpaper, gallery walls-–are they in, out, or somewhere in between? Have some laughs while watching industry trendsetters dish and diss design. Don’t miss the hilarity.
Sponsored by Chairish.

Alexa Hampton

A perennial member of Architectural Digest’s AD100, House Beautiful’s Top Designer, and Elle Décor’s A-List, Alexa Hampton has designed for clients from New York City to Hangzhou, China.  Join her as she discusses her life in design.
Sponsored by Circa Lighting.

VIP Lunch & Learn

Sponsored by Currey & Company and AmericasMart.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Design,
But Were Afraid to Ask…

Have you ever wondered what designers secretly think of their clients?  Or what it’s really like to install a project?  Still suffering under the delusion that interior design is a glamorous profession?  Well, on this panel, top designers will shatter your delusions.  For one unguarded, hilarious hour, we’ll let it rip, and bare all about clients, billing, and projects gone awry.  We’ll form a truth circle, and bitch and moan about our beloved profession.  No BS allowed.
Sponsored by 1stdibs.

Michelle Nussbaumer and Mary McDonald

Two of the nation’s most charming, gifted, and colorful designers join forces to discuss their friendship—and the important role of friendship in design.  Friends are a constant source of inspiration and education.  They’re who you call when a client drives you crazy, or a project takes a turn for the worse.  They’re where you get your best ideas, and they’re the people who save you when you’re in a jam.  Michelle and Mary recount their storied past, and remind us of the important things in life. Sponsored by ADAC and Schumacher.

VIP Antiques Tour

Join The Antiques Diva, Toma Clark Haines , on a trolley tour of Savannah’s best antique shops.  Sip champagne, see the sights, and score some treasures to ship back home!

I’d Like to Propose a Toast: Entertaining,
Southern Style

Ask yourself what’s most special about the South, and it won’t take long before you hit upon the phrase “Southern Hospitality.”  Southerners are raised to open our homes to friends and strangers, and to throw anything from a shindig to a formal supper for thirty with ease.  This panel analyzes Southern entertaining, and offers tips for welcoming guests with gusto.
Sponsored by Replacements, Ltd.

Decorating Outdoors

Margot Shaw, editor of Flower magazine, leads a sparkling conversation with landscape design experts on the topic of beautifying the natural world.  They’ll discuss techniques and tips for transforming outdoor spaces into a canvas for the art of living.
Sponsored by Flower magazine.

VIP Hostess City Celebration Cocktail Party

Sponsored by 1stdibs.
Wines provided by Emerald Hare.

When the Stars Align

Suzanne Kasler, Beth Webb, Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman (Brockschmidt & Coleman) represent the best of Southern design.  Share their insights as they discuss their careers, their sources of inspiration, and the importance of remembering the past while designing the present.
Sponsored by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.

How to PR

Do you feel lost when it comes to self-promotion?  Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the word out about your talent?  Here’s your chance to learn the secrets of public relations from the best in the nation.  These experts will share tips about succeeding on social media, presenting your gifts in the best light, and making the most of your hard, hard work.

Trends & Traditions: Southern Style Evolves

What (and who) makes a design trend?  Where do they come from?  And what determines how long they last?  Moderator Lindsey Waldrep, and a panel of designers and editors, will explore these questions, while also considering those design styles and staples that are immune to trends.  They’ll decide what’s fleeting, what’s timeless, and how to spot the difference.
Sponsored by Crossville Tile and Garden State Tile.

VIP Networking Lunch

Sponsored by Crossville Tile and Garden State Tile.

Chuck Chewning

One of the South’s most celebrated designers, and the former creative director of Donghia, Inc.—who now runs his own design business based in Savannah and oversees Studio Rubelli in Milan—shares the story of one of his greatest achievements, the restoration of Venice’s beloved Gritti Palace.
Sponsored by Currey & Company and AmericasMart.

What if You Threw a Blog, and Nobody Came?

Are blogs a mystery to you?  Does it seem impossible to start a successful one?  Do you sit down to write a blog, and have absolutely no idea what to say?  On this panel, the South’s most prominent bloggers share the secrets of their success; how they founded their blogs, and how they keep them fresh.

VIP Architectural Tour

Savannah is one of America’s most beautiful and historic cities.  Take our trolley to explore its architectural highlights, while also learning about Historic Savannah Foundation’s one-of-a-kind “Revolving Fund” and the homes it’s saved.  (Also, you’ll get free booze.)

The Next South

Wondering who’ll be the next Albert Hadley?  The new Nancy Lancaster?  Meet fresh new faces who represent the best of the upcoming generation of Southern designers.  They’ll discuss the design traditions they revere, the conventions they’re bucking, and how they’re reinterpreting the past to redefine the landscape of Southern design.

Everything Old is (Finally) New Again:
Fresh Ways of Decorating with Antiques

To quote blogger (and Southern Style Now panelist!) Jennifer Boles, “In with the old!”  Do you adore, say, your great-grandmother’s vanity, but have no idea how to incorporate it into your bedroom?  Are you lost as to how to make your beloved mama’s dining room table look modern and fresh?  On this panel, leading decorators discuss how they create modern homes with heirloom items. Lord knows Southerners love antiques.  Now, we can all discover exciting new ways to use them.
Sponsored by Milieu magazine.

Textile TempTATIONS and Fabric Obsessions

Some of us are obsessed with fabrics.  In fact, some of us have entire, secret closets stuffed with fabrics that we lie to our spouses about (but that’s another story).  On this panel, leading interior designers identify emerging trends in textiles, celebrate all-time faves, and discuss their greatest fabric-related challenges.  We’ll also pause to acknowledge the fact that ruffle-loving Southerners keep the textile industry in business, thank you very much.  Consider this a support group for active textileholics who have no intention of quitting.
Sponsored by Ballard Designs.

Invent & Repeat:
Creativity’s Constant Challenge

As designers and creative people, we have to continuously push boundaries, iterate and change. Where does the inspiration come from?  What fuels the vision?  As artists, how do we create recognizable identities while constantly reinventing ourselves?
Sponsored by Williams Sonoma Home and Luke Irwin London

Renovation or Preservation? 
(Or Do You Swing Both Ways?) 

We’re in Savannah, baby. This city pioneered new ways of paying homage to its architectural heritage, while keeping it fresh in the 21st century. (I mean, can you think of another American city that feels so old, yet so young?) In the spirit of our surroundings, this panel will discuss issues of historical preservation and reverent renovation.  How, exactly, do you honor a space while changing it?  How do you respect a heritage while making it relevant?  Exactly how much freedom ought you have? Experts will debate what always stays, what needs to go, and how to balance the demands of the past and present.
Sponsored by Savannah magazine

Artisans Workshop

Discover firsthand what goes into creating made-to-order, historically-appropriate copper light fixtures that have been handcrafted in New Orleans since 1945 when Andrew Bevolo, Sr. revolutionized the production of gas lamps. His master craftsmanship and artistic style were the perfect complement to the talents of renowned architect, A. Hays Town. Together they created what would eventually become known as the original French Quarter Lamps.
Sponsored by Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights

The Landscape of Southern Art

What distinguishes Southern art?  Do artists paint differently depending on where they are, and where they’re from?  What’s the influence of “place” on an artist’s work?  Join some of the South’s most accomplished artists as they discuss their lives and work, how they create, and where their art “comes” from.
Sponsored by Location Gallery

Savannah Mosaics

Works by a curated gathering of Southern artists form a unique mosaic-like installation of art. Proceeds benefit the Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless (CSAH) Tiny House Project. 

VIP Design District Sip & Stroll

Sponsored by Circa Lighting and the Downtown Design District.

Book signings, shopping, more booze,
and a whole lot more!