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Thursday, May 19 @ The New Orleans Museum of Art
10:00AM Keynote: Serena Dugan, Robert Leleux, moderated by Tori Mellott
11:30AM Keynote: Bunny Williams, introduction by Ann Maine
Boxed Lunch at Cafe Noma
2:30PM Keynote: India Hicks, moderated by Brian Patrick Flynn
5:30PM Cocktail Party (not at NOMA; @ Perch)
Friday, May 20 @ different venues along Magazine Street
9:00AM Keynote: Milly deCabrol, Nathan Turner, Vicente Wolf
9:00AM Southern Bloggers- Paloma Contreras, Toma Clark Haines, Jamie Mearas, Moderated by Adam Japko
10:30AM Keynote: Blair Voltz Clarke, Hunt Slonem
10:30AM Reclaiming the Past: moderated by Sara Ruffin Costello
12:00PM Crossville Tile Lunch and CEU Lecture: Doug Ingham* (*specifically for architects/interior design pros who need CEU credits)
12:00PM Baccarat Keynote: James Shreve, President
12:00PM The Next South: Clary Bosbyshell, Calder Clark, Parker Kennedy (David Ecton & Lance Jackson), Katie Scott, moderated by James Farmer
2:30PM Keynote: Julia Reed, Robert Leleux
2:30PM Keynote & Book Signing: Suzanna Salk
4:30PM Keynote & Book Signing: Lela Rose
4:30PM The New Traditionalists: Michel Boyd, Tara Guerard, Reagan Hayes, Lindsey Coral Harper, Jonathan Savage, moderated by Ware Porter
Saturday, May 21 @ different venues in the French Quarter
9:00AM The Fifth Wall: Max Sinsteden, Catherine Olasky, Laura Burleson, Lisa Mende, Chad Graci, Christina Javanmardi, moderated by Lindsey Waldrep
10:00AM Antiques Walking Tour*: Toma Clark Haines, Shaun Smith (*not in the French Quarter; along Magazine Street)
10:30AM Artisanal Textiles: Peter Fasano, Elizabeth Hamilton, Kate Reynolds, Stacy Waggoner, moderated by Nick Olsen
11:45AM Legends of PR: Elizabeth Blitzer, Dana Grunow, Kristin Giese, Christina Juarez, moderated by Beth Greene
2:30PM Keynote: Richard Keith Langham, Suzanne Rheinstein, Lisa Fine
4:30PM Southern Artists*: Regina Scully, Julie Silvers, Mary Nelson Sinclair Amanda Talley, moderated by Sally King Benedict (not in the French Quarter; @ Amanda Talley Studio)
6:00PM Cocktail Party and Window Designer Reception* (not in the French Quarter; @ Amanda Talley Studio)
Sunday, May 22 @ Martine Chaisson Gallery
10:00AM Southern Entertaining: Ronda Carman, Lynn Easton, Calder Clark, Angele Parlange, Danielle Rollins
11:30AM Boozy Brunch