Robert Leleux (President) is the former editor of domino magazine, and the former managing editor of Lonny. His essays and articles have appeared in such publications as The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, and The Huffington Post. He is also the author of three books—The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy, The Living End, and the forthcoming Southern Style Now™ .




Having grown up with a Structural Engineer father as the owner of a design and development corporation in Puerto Rico, Ili’s passion for design and construction is in her blood. Since middle school, she has been sketching houses, inking drawings and shadowing her father from drawing board to construction site.


The benefit of this lifelong exposure and years of professional experience as an architect and interior designer, is evident in Ili’s intuitive and encompassing approach to design and construction. Her ability to visualize a completed project before it even begins and to 

communicate this vision clearly, gives clients great confidence in the strength of the design and the success of the project.


After graduating from GA Tech and spending a year of studies in Paris, Ili began her architectural career with a firm in commercial architecture. The experiences there led her to Chicago, where she continued her studies in Medieval Art History at Northwestern University and worked for a small interiors and design-build firm. This was a pivotal event that opened her eyes to the advantages of having a full understanding of the architecture, the interiors, and the construction process as part of a single team. Upon returning to Atlanta, she started teaching interior design principles and became a licensed interior designer as well as a licensed architect; always with the vision to recreate in Atlanta what she had seen work so well during her time in Chicago.

Today, Ili is founding partner and managing member of TerraCotta, an award-winning interiors and design-build company based in Atlanta, GA. Ili manages the office, secures projects, and oversees and approves the concept design, development and the implementation of all architecture, interiors, and construction generated by the team. The team has worked on over 300 homes in the past 13 years and has won more than 50 awards and recognitions for their design and construction quality. Ili lives in Decatur with her daughter and her German Shepherd. Despite a busy schedule, Ili is active in community development and is constantly looking for opportunities to support and enrich others. When she is not volunteering at her daughter’s school, traveling, or at her home on the beach, she indulges in her love of riding horses and practicing yoga.

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