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We've asked your favorite Southern Designers how they define Southern Style now...

Q: What does “Southern Style Now” mean to you?

Janie Molster: Southern Style Now reflects the unique perspective that our premier designers, architects, artists, and craftsmen have in reinterpreting the influences of our Southern heritage in novel and inventive ways. It’s a look, a feeling, a vibe, and a sensibility of something fresh and old, timeless, and of this very moment.

"... It’s a look, a feeling, a vibe, and a sensibility of something fresh and old..."

Q: Can you see a thread of Southern influence into the work of certain designers?  If so, how does it display itself

Janie Molster: Gathering is a word that comes to mind when I think of Southerners, and making our interiors work for that goal is a thread through much of Southern design. We gather people, hence our porches are wide and deep for rocking chairs and conversation. Because we love to gather family and friends, entertaining in our homes is a way of life. We prioritize creating interior spaces that are comfortable and always presentable for “company”. We gather our possessions in such a way that our interiors often present as curated collections, gathered carefully over time.

Q: Finally, do you have a favorite Southern Style Now (Festival or Showhouse) anecdote that you can share with us?

Janie Molster: Julia Reed’s keynote speech last year in Savannah had me apologizing to those around me for my raucous laughter. She is a walking testament to our quirky Southern perspective and how we love to laugh at ourselves most of all.

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