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We've asked your favorite Southern Designers how they define Southern Style now...

Q: What does “Southern Style Now” mean to you?

Jean Liu: It’s a highly anticipated opportunity to catch up with industry friends and to broaden one’s creative horizons in a historical city steeped in culinary delights and architecture..

Q: Can you see a thread of Southern influence in the work of certain designers?  If so, how does it display itself??

Jean Liu: I notice the importance placed on entertaining and hospitality. Living and dining rooms are not just furnished as utilitarian spaces but rather, always elevated to be thoughtful and layered rooms designed to host groups of family and friends. There is also an emphasis on incorporating family heirlooms. Regardless of style or frequency, the use or inclusion of these antiques are often, if not always, part of the design narrative.

"...thoughtful and layered rooms designed to host groups of family and friends..."

Q: Finally, do you have a favorite Southern Style Now (Festival or Showhouse) anecdote that you can share with us?

Jean Liu: I attended my first “Southern Style Now” last year and was on a panel hosted by Chairish called “Love It or Hate It”. We were given paddles with “Love It” or “Hate It” printed on each side and asked to use it when debating the latest design trends. I brought the paddle home and have used it in several internal meetings. It’s been the perfect tool for clear and comedic communication!

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