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Updated: Aug 19, 2018

We've asked your favorite Southern Designers how they define Southern Style now...

Q: What does Southern Style Now mean to you? 

Lance Jackson: For me Southern Style Now means much more than fresh chic updated interiors, style & taste based around southern people, places & things. It is a mindset being submerged living within all of those aspects. It’s a lot about connectivity for me with other southern based people in the art & design world. Relationships from one southern town to the next is crucial & important. It’s part of being southern. It’s like a club. 

"It’s a lot about connectivity for me..."

Q: How do you reinterpret Southern traditions in your work?

Lance Jackson: I usually always have some grand luxury statement piece that yells southern. Like a collection of oil paintings of pasture landscapes, antique framed silhouettes or an antique collection of blue & white. Collections that are usually handed down from generation to generation. 

"...handed down from generation to generation."

Q: Can you see a thread of Southern influence woven into your interiors?  If so, how does it display itself?

Lance Jackson: Yes most certainly in most all my work. I see it in patterns in fabrics I use, cornice board styles I design and much more.. even the way I Style a dinner table all the way down to how I arrange the flowers in the vase always has my grandmother’s spin on it. The choice of flowers even.. usually southern in my minds eye to me..

"I see it in patterns in fabrics I use, cornice board styles I design..."

Q: Finally, do you have a favorite Southern Style Now (Festival or Showhouse) anecdote that you can share with us?

Lance Jackson: I guess my favorite SSN anecdote was when Bunny Williams said she loved my space at the first SSN Showhouse I designed. 

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