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Updated: Aug 19, 2018

Southern Style redefined...

We've asked your favorite Southern Designers how they define Southern Style now...

Q: What does Southern Style Now mean to you? 

Lynn Terry: Actually, I have 2 answers…. Southern Style Now is by definition a wonderful event, showcasing a beautiful home where rooms are created by noteworthy interior designers. The design ideas are infinite. On a more personal level, I think of Southern Style Now as a gracious space that is thoroughly comfortable for the modern-day family.

"...a gracious space that is thoroughly comfortable for the modern-day family."

Q: Can you see a thread of Southern influence woven into your interiors?  If so, how does it display itself?

Lynn Terry: My magazine, Southern Home, showcases homes by architects and designers where every detail has been carefully considered. Southerners take a lot of pride in their homes and want it to be pretty and also welcoming to friends and family. Designers know that a great home works well for 2 or 3 and is flexible enough to accommodate a crowd of 20 or more. It is the little details that make a home special. (great art, rugs, trims on draperies, a bouquet of fresh flowers, etc)

Q: Finally, do you have a favorite Southern Style Now (Festival or Showhouse) anecdote that you can share with us?

Lynn Terry: Last year I was attending a panel discussion and Alexa Hampton walked in and sat behind me. I passed her a note with my card and said I was a big fan of her work. Alexa sent a text that said “flattery will get you everywhere.” She could not have been more gracious and quick-witted. When Alexa spoke she offered an anecdote about her husband having an opinion on the way their home is decorated. Her response to him…”and you have been published where?” Great line!

Another general observation is that I was able to see so many designers that I have worked with over the weekend in a more intimate environment. It is so different than market and so enjoyable!

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