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Tilton Fenwick 2.0

.A guest blog from our friends at Tilton Fenwick,

Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel dePedro Cunningham.

It’s clear to see from our work that we scarcely shy away from using happy-hues and pattern-centric textiles. Our first fabric collection really defined eclecticism for us.

One of our favorite parts of both collections was collaborating with the Duralee Design Studio on colorways because our fabrics are so multi-colored. For each pattern we created 20 or 30 different color combination options. In the end, we selected the top three to five that made it into the collection, but creating from a rainbow of options was such a highlight for us.

Taking on a second collection with Duralee (now RADG) has been a dream for us, but certainly a challenge. For this collection, there was now a certain level of expectation from designers who have used our first collection to present them with new patterns and colorways without straying too far from what they loved the first time around.

Throughout the process we challenged ourselves to both stay true to our aesthetic and create something fresh.

That quest led us to Portugal! Well, we didn’t set out looking for textile inspiration, but of course, with the design process in the works there was no way such a vibrant and rich place wouldn’t reflect directly back to our design work at home.

Many of the colors, especially the vibrant red colorways you’ll find in our collection, were taken directly from Lisbon. There is so much depth and richness to experience there and the incredibly layered history reveals itself at every corner. From the history and architecture to the food and design, we found ourselves awe-inspired on a daily basis.

"There is so much depth and richness [to discover in Portugal]..."

Pattern and color are our true loves and Portugal did not disappoint! We practically photographed every inch of Lisbon, sometimes stopping mid-crosswalk at times (dangerous, we know!). But, there were so many amazing colors, patterns and details we wanted to document, and we weren’t leaving without capturing as much as our eyes could see.

"We were also taken with the ornate doors, ranging in all colors of the rainbow, and improved with years of patina."

Portugal is, of course, known for its iconic tile work and we were completely enamored by it all. We were also taken with the ornate doors, ranging in all colors of the rainbow and improved with years of patina. So many of our photos were of doorways, door details and facades of gorgeous tilework. It might sound cliché, but travel really does opens your eyes to new possibilities. It truly helps free your mind to think more creatively, and our latest collection is a perfect example of just that.

Current Faves Include...

Suysel: Angelina is my top pick! I have always loved scallop patterns, so when we visited the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon, I was immediately drawn to the whimsical shape of the window archways. I knew we had to translate this iconic motif into a fabric in our collection.

Anne: For me, it’s Soldo. We are known for our use of florals in our interiors, as well as textiles. When we had the concept to add a snake to a floral, this pattern became my favorite in the collection, thanks to this unique twist.

We can’t wait to see how designers will use our fabrics in ways we would never even have imagined. Instagram is our favorite tool for discovering our fabrics out in the world—we love when designers share their work and tag us @tiltonfenwick and #tfduraleefully

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