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Wendy Goodman & Hutton Wilkinson!

Welcome to Southern Style Now 2018!

We feel SO lucky to announce that two additional speakers have been added to this year’s lineup.

Hutton & Wendy celebrating of "Tony Duchette."

There could be no greater pleasure than to say that Wendy Goodman and Hutton Wilkinson will be opening the festival on the morning of November 1st with a keynote dialogue.

Wendy—the New Yorkmagazine editor, author of the much-loved World of Gloria Vanderbilt,and co-author (with Hutton) of Tony Duquette—has recently published a new book, May I Come In? Discovering the World in Other People’s Houses. This luscious coffee table book chronicles her adventures documenting the homes of eccentrics and aristocrats, and the ways that visiting a stranger’s house can expose you to new ways of living. Of course, the cover image is of a Tony Duquette room (a view of Dodie Rosekrans’ Venetian palazzo)!

And need we introduce Hutton? Legend in His Own Time Hutton. The man who’s not only kept Tony Duquette’s vision alive, but has single-handedly waged a battle against banality in Southern California.

Hutton Wilkinson, perched in his gold and coral pad in Beverly Hills.

The only man I know who kissed Mary Pickford, and gave Diana Vreeland a tour of the Getty, and refilled Greta Garbo’s drinks. Every word that emerges from his mouth ought to be stitched on a sofa pillow, every room he designs should be shot by MGM.

Of course Wendy and Hutton are old friends and collaborators, comrades-in-arms. And they’ll launch Southern Style Now by discussing, of course, Wendy’s book, but also, the phenomenon of charting new worlds in other people’s living rooms. Welcome, and THANK YOU!

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